Dr. Jerry Kornfeld, physician, educator, international lecturer and author has dedicated his professional life to being a healer, a doctor.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Jerry's family moved to Los Angeles at the start of his college career. He received his Bachelor of Science from the school of Public Health at UCLA and then went on to the Medical school at University of California at Irvine.

As a member of the faculty of the UCLA medical school he taught freshman medical students the lost art of bedside manner and communicating with their patients.

His career has taken him down many paths including being the first TV doctor on the KABC Eyewitness News in Los Angeles and being the “family doctor” for Regis Philbin when he did the AM Los Angeles TV show. In addition to the above Dr. Jerry was the medical commentator for the nationally syndicated TV show, “Body by Jake”.

As a family doctor, practicing in Northridge Calif, for the past 35 years he has seen and done many exciting things. Early on in his professional career while he was still in training at the LA County General Hospital, he realized that many of the diseases he was diagnosing were self induced. Indeed he was to soon find out that the number one killer of us all, heart disease could be prevented and yes, even reversed.

Based upon all of these years of observations and experiences Dr. Kornfeld has come to many exciting conclusions about how to increase the longevity of the body and especially the heart. In the book “Your 100 Year Heart” he shares his advice and recommendations.

Approximately 6 years ago Dr. Jerry was asked to share his experiences and recommendations with a group of corporate executives. The response to that talk was so overwhelming, he realized that there was a great thirst for medical knowledge, especially relating to the miracle of the body and the steps necessary to keep it alive. The demand for his talk has been so great, he was forced to close his office last year. He now spends his time traveling the world speaking to corporate executives about the things they must do to protect their most important asset, their health.

Recently, in addition to addressing these CEO's, requests started coming in for him to speak to general audiences about the role of their thoughts and attitude on their health. So in addition to all of the above he now also finds himself aboard cruise ships, lecturing to vast audiences.

Dr. Kornfeld is very happily married with two very successful daughters and two beautiful grandchildren. When not teaching, lecturing or practicing medicine his time is spent in his creative passion of black and white art photography. His photos have been published and appeared in numerous galleries. He is most proud of his recent one man show at the Las Vegas Art Museum.

He is the Author of the “Fatherhood Formula”, a resource book dedicated to the concept that the father is present on the night of conception and put in the background after that. This book is for all fathers who want to be part of the magnificent experience of parenthood. He also has written several articles for the medical literature, including a guest editorial for Medical Economics, titled, “Don't Forget Your Oath”. Reminding physicians that they were healers long before they became Business men.

Dr. Jerry's Appearances:

  • Honoring the queen mom's 100th birthday
  • St. Lukes hospital anual banquet
  • Over 200 talks to CEO's and corporate owners
  • Speaker of the year in Australia
  • Talks in Canada, and the UK (England and Ireland)
  • Spoke in most states in the US
  • Regis Philbins TV doctor when he had his AM Los Angeles TV show
  • Body by Jake Doctor (syndicated TV show)
  • ABC eyewitness news TV doctor